No matter what people say, there’s enough for everyone in the world. You can probably find millions of articles on the Internet, what makes this one different than the others? Because it describes the simple, actionable steps to get what you want.

Anyway, talking about “the Art of Getting what you want," people think it's some rocket science and the people who get it are talented or gifted or have-it-all or “lucky." But it's merely consistent, learning from the failures, moving on with the learnings to another goal, and never stopping learning. Here's to get what you want:

Build good habits i.e., build a "system"

You may think, “how are my habits going to contribute to what I want to achieve?” If you want to crack an exam or lose/gain weight or any other goal as a matter-of-fact, you need to have healthful habits. Those habits should revolve around the goal you want to achieve and your entire physical and mental well-being so that you have the right mindset and focus on making your targets.

For example, Punctuality, if your organization or start-up isn't punctual in the internal workings, you can't expect that you can deliver client requirements on time. It applies to all the values in your business. If there is no internal implementation, then it won't be reflected in the product/services you have to offer.

Divide your goal into tiny actionable steps

You can’t read an entire 1000-page book at once; you have to read a few pages every day. That's how you get something you want. Identify your goal, identify all the actions that you need to do to achieve that goal (it may be overwhelming but hold on for some times), and then divide each of these actions into sub-actions until you can't share it anymore (the most basic units).

One of my friends was working as a Product Manager for a start-up where they had a white-board in which they would update the daily progress and the daily tasks for all the members. It helped them finish their work on time and helped them track the development of the product. My friend said it was one of the best feelings to check out the white-board white-board as and when each task of the day was completed.

Maybe creating lists isn't your tea, but I'll recommend you try making checklists at least once. It has always worked for many other people and me, and I hope it works for you too. Tiniest, most straightforward actions are easy to implement and time-saving. You feel a driving force when you see things getting done. And that drives results.

Consistency and Patience

These terms like consistency, patience, and perseverance, etc. are over-talked and under-implemented. Consistency means keep working every day towards your dreams, towards the things you want. Tolerance means not being flustered with your failures but learning from them and keeping your calm and moving forward. You know what does "learning from failures," say? To put it in simple words, knowing where you went wrong, knowing how to avoid a similar situation in the future, and implementing it.

Plan & start the execution

You can't move anywhere without a plan. Planning is only to have a vision of how you are going to achieve what you want. Still, it is the implementation, the execution that gets things done. Merely reading out a blog that tells you exercises to lose weight isn't going to reduce that belly. You have to actually exercise to do so. The same logic applies everywhere.

Let's suppose you are creating a digital marketing strategy for your business.  You'd plan out everything – who is your target audience? Where are they on the Internet? How their journey is going to be (the marketing funnel)? What is your target (vanity metrics), and how you're going to achieve them? There are multiple questions that you'll have to answer. Then you might have to create a content calendar and execute it.

These are pretty simple and small things in life. But we often forget the tiny little things and focus on the big stuff. So these are 4 simple steps that you can follow to get anything you want in life. These are the 4 basic principles that constitute "The Art of getting what you want." These steps have helped me; I hope they help you too. Have consistency and patience, and be willing to start again even if you fail. There’s no end to the road of excellence. Enjoy the journey; you’ll reach your goal in no time.

Always remember, "A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step."

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