During my high school's final year, I got the opportunity to work with the core team of India's biggest entrepreneurship ecosystem  named startupsclub.com . I've been a member of the club since 2017, was learning about basics of entrepreneurship and business plans, long before I launched my own website, artientifique.org

I have been taking golden lessons from their certified mentors, which helped me structure my work. So when the opportunity was standing right in front of me, I just grabbed it, which opened doors of practice and learning.

I started my internship with Startups club during the final semester of junior college. Before joining, I had many questions and was wondering about the challenges, what role would I be given during the internship etc. My excitement was at its peak, but I also knew I had to manage my time, especially being a student, I had to balance studies alongside work.

It felt good to be the youngest intern in the cohort, and sometimes quite proud too ;) , and I thought it is good to be curious and be full of questions, learn from the field's pioneers like Salma ma'am and Vivek sir, the founders of Startups Club, since I got this chance. We were given new tasks and challenges every day, at which we all team members did our best.

We were taught a wide variety of skills, and a place to put our learnings into practice. From Platform Promotions to marketing strategies, AMA sessions to product launch planning, we did it all.

I used to finish all assignments, complete notes, revise for tests, prepare for school practicals etc, work on my intern assignments, and also plan for my environment conservation initiative.


Some important lessons I  learned is:

  1. Focus on your goal, you may need to modify the plan, but you have to keep your goal crystal clear in front of you.
  2. Any task is best accomplished when done by a team.
  3. Be strategic in your approach.
  4. Time is more precious than gems, spend it wisely.
  5. Simplicity and clarity make every presentation successful.
  6. A true leader will always keep good morals and ethics ahead of everything.

This is just a drop of the ocean, there's lot more to discover and learn. You just need to hunt for opportunities and grab them.


When I joined the internship, I knew what level of work I may have to do, but if I'm serious about it, I'll have to do my best, without giving any study or board exams excuses. It was an amazing and cherishing experience, with loads of knowledge and information about the industry. I tried to give to my fullest at SC, and I strongly believe that this would act like a catalyst for my entrepreneurial journey.