Let’s just face it. Unless you are Tata, Birla or Ambani or even anyone born with a diamond-studded spoon, you got to work your ass off to get what you want. Be it business or personal. In the real world: you want to launch something cool, but you need money to do it, but you won’t have money until you launch something cool, messy right!

While it’s harder to get your startup off the ground without much of a budget, we’re big believers in constraints; sometimes, the fewer resources you have at your disposal, the more clever and thrifty you get. Below, you’ll find various tools to help you bring your idea to life—everything from products that will help you build and design an app on the cheap, to plug-ins and services that will make it easier to market and promote your idea. We hope you find a few things in here that help make your launch a runaway success.

The Name App

Someone said what’s in the name. It’s stupid. Of course, it’s important, after all, it's the first name you hear about your brand. So having an apt name is most important. To have a unique and easy to remember the business name is important for brand recall. This particular tool saves you the struggle of finding the right domain name for your startup, it also helps you in checking the availability of the username and in deciding social media profile names that resonate with your business. Simply log in to The Name App’s official website or download it on your Apple device’s App Store. So get a new name and shine at first go.

Web Servers

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

It’s a go-to place for every newbie. You name it and you have all your things sorted at this place. Amazon Web Services, commonly known as AWS, is a web hosting service offered by the eCommerce mogul Amazon. Probably, one of the most dependable web hosting services available presently, AWS is scalable, flexible and currently offers over 90 services including database storage, content delivery, and other features & functionalities. You can have all the things sorted at a single place with a single click.

Digital Ocean

It’s also a go-to place for every newbie, or I should say mostly for newbie/startups/small companies. It mainly offers cloud servers with storage, database on demand with a very good community support. Its marketplace it full with most of the things that you may need. It also houses Docker and Kubernetes for DevOps freaks. Or even if you are planning to use another server go with DigitalOcean Community Blogs/Articles. They are awesome.

If you are a startup DigitalOcean has a special program for startups, also known as Hatch. If offers 3000$ credits for one year to startups.

Get 100$ Credits on DigitalOcean, exclusive for our readers.


Survey Tools like Aytm

Often we do not know What our Customer wants, What are their needs, requirements, aspirations, expectations and all that. Plus we do not have any idea whether we are working on a desired Customer-oriented product or not. That's where Survey tools come handy. These apps help us to understand the user and our Customers better with just a few questionnaires.


Mailchimp is an American marketing automation platform and an email marketing service. The platform is a trading name of its operator, Rocket Science Group, an American company founded in 2001 by Ben Chestnut and Mark Armstrong, with Dan Kurzius joining at a later date. It is free up to certain uses. It is all in one platform for digital marketing, right from subscribers collection to weekle newsletters and survet.


Wanna know, what is the heatmap in your website? What is the place, your users like to click the most? Or wanna get instant feedback on something? HotJar has got your back. It is also freeium. So you may use it for free but for some premium features you will have to pay.

SEO tool that turns data into actions

Search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques, and tactics used to increase the number of visitors (traffic) to a startup website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (SERP) — including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. Along with other digital marketing activities, various tools prepare a list of activities and also educates new entrepreneurs why a particular activity is important for their startup.

Community Building


AngelList is a platform that every startup must know about. It's like a yellow diary for such startups. At one place you're gonna find many like-minded people to fuel your desire. Not only does it help startups connect with potential investors, but it also helps them find experienced professionals who would be interested in working for them. Unlike other job portals, on AngelList, professionals & startups require no middle man to connect. On the other end, it is also a good platform for investors to explore potential startups they would be interested in financially.

Global Accelerator Network

GAN, is an incredible resource for startups comprised of more than 70 accelerators across six continents and 100 cities. It’s a gateway for like-minded people who have a clear insight into growing a startup.GAN offers a way for startups to benefit from short-term, mentorship-based programs that help them launch in a smart, strategic way. New and young startups can have access to best practices, industry data, discounts, and perks, consulting, investors, peers, and mentors.

Startup Grind

This is another amazing way to connect with valuable people. The community offers a network of resources, which include events, partnerships with organizations and media opportunities. There are also local community events that help entrepreneurs meet up with others for face-to-face assistance and connection.

That assistance includes ways to reach out to talent, innovators, investors, and educators. Startup Grind has grown, to offer online and offline opportunities for tapping into some very important resources and opportunities for funding.


StartUp Monk is bringing together all the stakeholders (Entrepreneurs, Investors, Mentors, Corporates, Incubators&Accelerators, Educational&Research Institutions, Government Bodies, Service Providers) on a single platform so as to organize the Indian Startup Ecosystem. Also, it shares knowledge and information and provide various supports to those starting up and early stage entrepreneurs.


How you may forget about the LinkedIn? It is one of the best platform to build connections, do networking, look for jobs and hire right talents. Any word to describe LinkedIn would be small in terms of what you may do with it.



Polishing skill is as important as acquiring a skill. What can be a better place to learn again than Udemy.

Udemy is another excellent resource for learning about all types of subjects and acquiring the necessary skills so businesses do not have to invest their lean funding in additional staff to handle those projects. This global marketplace of learning offers more than 42,000 courses and a network of more than 14 million students. Numerous certifications are also available. You may also learn in other sources like, Udacity, LinkedIn Learnings etc.

Github Students Pack

Well, if you are a student, then this is exactly for you. A list of 100+ resources like premium mailings, testing, developing, courses and what nont. It houses a powerfull pack of tools for all the students. You just need to verify yourself as a student and you are good to go.

Did you know that only 50 percent of startups survive more than five years? Unfortunately, many startups fail to achieve product-market fit. Without a smart growth strategy in place, startups have no clear roadmap towards long-term success. When an entrepreneur takes an idea and turns it into a profitable business, it’s a cause for celebration.

But it’s not enough to keep doing the same thing -- continued success is going to depend on different and evolving strategies. To scale up and grow in a big way, business owners have to prioritize a growth to-do list.

Every startup needs a solid growth plan, and every plan must include:

  1. A Unique Value Proposition
  2. A clearly defined target market
  3. An outline of the right KPIs
  4. Competitor analysis
  5. Careful financial planning and execution

And more. Knowledge alone isn’t the key to worldly success. The ability to execute matters more.

A goal without an action plan is just like a dream.

Startup School (Y Combinator)

Y Combinators, Startup School is onw of the best platforms to grow and learn about Startup/Entrepreneurship for free. You may want to sign up there.

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