Being a student teaches us many lessons, that proves to be very valuable later on in our lives, and helps make our lives quite plain sailing. Some of the life-worthy lessons are learned while we are students. As is rightly said, “Never Stop Learning as life never stops teaching.

So is student life. The first and foremost thing that student life teaches us, is time management.

Time Management

Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.
- Rodin

From going college to taking tuitions, from indulging in self-studies to participating in sports activities, from taking part in extra-curricular activities to taking enough rest to stay fit and many other activities, it is not an easy task to schedule time for all activities. Time management shapes the student’s mind into the direction of discipline and sense of duty. Discipline is an extremely important factor in one’s life too in order to realize our potentials. Time management is a skill that enables students to use their time productively and efficiently.

Development of Skills

Skills are as important as your educational degree. Because, as you cannot apply for a job without required educational qualification, you also would not be able to manage a job or profession or a career with a lack of necessary skills.

With the development of skills, comes it’s practice for its enhancement. Internships are a great opportunity to enhance your skills as well as to learn new ones. Internships are important for everyone so that you can gain some knowledge and learn a lot of new things. It also enables you to gain first-hand exposure to working in the real world. Internships provide a nice learning curve to the students with little experience in the professional world.

However, the problem that the majority of students face is creating a balance between academics and the internship.

Balancing Internship and Studies

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.
- William Penn

As for your studies, they should take up a BIG chunk of your time. Internships can come throughout the year or during the summer.

Many students apply for multiple internships. It is advisable to complete at least three before you graduate. It’s important to get a feel for different environments and positions before entering the world as a professional. If you opt for a summer internship, scheduling should be fairly easy -- even if you are also taking a light class load. If you are interning through the year on full-time courses, you will want to be honest when applying for the hours you can spend on the internship.


Because of the academic pressure, it becomes difficult for a student to balance between internship and college schedule. The student has to attend lectures and involve in co-curricular and extracurricular activities while in college. Speaking in personal terms, balancing both is not an easy task. Initially, it’s difficult to figure out how to manage both. One might have a feeling as to give up. However one should never. With consistent practice and analysis, it is possible to manage them with ease. One should analyze his/her study pattern and behavior, when is oneself the most productive and work ways out as to how he/she should divide time.

How to overcome the challenge


Before you take up any new task, analyze how important it is, and compare it with your current work and college schedule. Rank your tasks in order of significance to balance your upcoming obligations and tasks. Prioritize the tasks to complete them as per the order and to avoid confusion at a later stage.  While giving your best in every work is essential, you need to ensure that your priorities are satisfied to meet your future goals.

Stick to your schedule

The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.
- Stephen R. Covey

Creating a schedule always helps to complete the tasks easier. You should stick to the schedule that helps you to balance your lectures and part-time work. If you schedule your tasks well ahead, then you can avoid falling behind and slacking off in your commitments. How can you do that? Whether it is your lecture, your internship schedule, or any other obligations, marking up due dates on a calendar helps you to keep track of your deadlines.

Budget your time

Analyze the amount of time you need to spend on various tasks such as finishing an assignment or getting involved in a group discussion. You should keep enough time during weekdays to complete your college work because you will be busy with the internship during the weekend. To maintain a balance, make sure you give sufficient time to enjoy things you like such as playing a sport or spending some quality time with friends.

Set goals before the week starts

Whether you have to work on a draft for your research paper or develop a social media plan for your internship, you should make it a habit to prioritize the tasks right from the beginning of the week. This will help you to finish important tasks and plan accordingly based on your availability and difficulty of the tasks. If you have exams coming up or a research paper to finish, let your internship provider know your difficulties so that you can take some break from the work.

All’s well that ends well

There may be a time called as your breaking point, where you would want to give up. However, you should know that this exactly is the stage, where you need to push yourself even more and not give in. Although, initially it may seem a tough task or tiresome to juggle internships as well as studies. However it becomes smooth sailing once you become familiar with the work pattern, and that comes with experience, which is a challenge in itself but what’s life without challenges? So embrace this challenge and open the window towards a new learning experience.

If you want to make good use of your time, you’ve got to know what’s most important and then give it all you’ve got.
- Lee Iacocca

Keep learning and keep growing!

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