Recently, I had a privilege to talk with Meghal Agrawal founder CodeNicely. So Meghal is a CS engineer from NIT Raipur and he is running his startup since his college days. Last year CodeNicely generated a revenue of 1CR ₹.

If you haven't read the podcast yet, please do it now. Read the blog below which might help you to know about the topics that we discussed.


  1. Introduction
  2. Motivation behind starting the startup
  3. Differentiation between a startup and a business
  4. Work Environment/Work Culture in CodeNicely
  5. How your startup is
  6. Your Startup in the next 5 years
  7. The first 30, 60 and 90 days
  8. Key Learning
  9. Message for Young Entrepreneurs
  10. Conclusion

About CodeNicely

CodeNicely is a software development company situated in raipur. Meghal Agrawal is the founder and CEO of CodeNicely Software Solutions LLP incubated at 36INC Raipur. CodeNicely have clients from around the globe and last year their revenue was 1Cr ₹, all bootstrapped.

The Start

It all started with a group of students learning web development and android development in the backyard of a house in Kota Raipur, three years ago.

As per the Meghal Sir you must know two things before starting any startup.

  1. Choose what to do
  2. Get initial customers

The Motivation

Many of us say that we want to start a startup but we don't have any idea about it. The first thing to ask is weather what do you want to do. I would suggest you to go with your passion. or I had read somewhere that:

Passion/Skill + Usefulness = Success

So, if you want to eat pizza doesn't matter, it might not be useful to others. So look for such skills that might be of use for others.

Getting Initial Customers

I too believe that getting some initial customers is not that easy but with proper networking and word of mouth you may crack it. Meghal sir told that initially they got projects from the referrals like an intern/client would recommend CodeNicely to others. And yeah this became bigger and bigger.

Work Environment

The first thing that Meghal sir told me was about treating yourself in your startup as an employee rather than an owner or a founder. The work environment should be democratic.

Everyone is boss and no one is

If you haven't listened to the podcast yet, please do it now. You may relate it more.

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