We at HappyChases believe in sharing and creating a healthy environment and community for entrepreneurs, innovators, developers, and others with their initiatives, startup and trying to build a better world. However we in order to do so we need your help. So we are starting a Campus Ambassadors Program. This blog/announcement is about that only.


  1. Introduction
  2. About HappyChases
  3. ChalStartupKarteHain
  4. CA Program
  5. Perks


About HappyChases


We have created blog (https://blogs.happychases.com) where we write about Entrepreneurship, Startups, Growth Hacking and every other thing that you might require to grow your startup. Also, in our blogs, we would love to cover more campus stories of college students. There are a lot of student entrepreneurs who start something awesome right in their college life. So in our platform, we would love to share their journey, stories about their innovation/idea.


We have also set up a forum (https://forums.happychases.com) for entrepreneurs where you may ask anything related to startups and business and I am sure you will find someone in the community who will answer your questions. It is all about the community. And HappyChases Forums is all about it.

We wanted to build a platform where we can connect with the people from the same mindset, where we can ask our doubts related to starting a startup, discuss free deals that may help you initially to quickstart your startup and so on. So, we created this community cause together we grow.

You should join it, if

  • You are an entrepreneur
  • You have a startup
  • You plan to have your own startup/business
  • Looking for suggestions/help
  • Looking for mentors
  • Looking to mentor
  • Connect with the people of the same mindset

And it is totally free, there are no hidden charges for using our platform.
We are on a mission to help entrepreneurs who want to follow their passion and want to do something of their own. To create a better tomorrow.



We have started an initiative ChalStartupKarteHain. Under ChalStartupKarteHain we have podcasts, digital magazines. Our first podcast is already out there. If you haven't listened to it then do it now.

Weekly Magazine

We have also started weekly Podcasts where we take interviews of some entrepreneurs and bring their journey and experience to the world out there. We are also working on our digital magazine which will be launched soon.

CA Program

So we want you to be the face of HappyChases on your campus and we have different tracks for CAs. Namely

  1. Content Champ
  2. The Networker

Content Champ

The content champ will share startup journeys/innovations journeys from his/her campus and it will be published in our blogs. We would also love to know about the initiatives which have been taken in your college to promote entrepreneurs and startups. We will share it with the world.

The Networker

The responsibility of the networker will be to manage the local chapter of HappyChases in their campus. As of now it will be hosted in our Forums. In future we may host a few events the campus as well. So it will be the responsibility of the selected student to take lead and conduct the event along with the Content Champ of the campus. Don't worry about the financials it there is any such thing we will inform the selected champs as early as possible.

Common responsibilities of the champs will be to share our blogs, posts and make students aware about our forum. The blogs and articles of selected champs will be directly posted in our blogs.


All selected champs will get free subscription of our magazine for the session and early access of  all our podcasts. And the best performing champs will be given goodies as well. On successful completion of the program all will be awarded with a certification of completion and appreciation. And a lot more surprises.

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