3 Years ago on this day, HappyChases was started as a blogging website, where I used to write about Entrepreneurship, Startups, Life and similar niche. In the jouney of last 3 years we have written over 50+ blogs on entrepreneurship, startups, life, tech, blockchain etc. This is post is all about remembering the journey that we have all been through at HappyChases and about the latest events that are happening at HappyChases.

The Start

So, we had started HappyChases just as a blog for writing about entrepreneurship, startups, life, management and everything that we felt at that time. Initially our niche was not fixed and we were writing about everything from tech to entrepreneurship to life. So we did a few collaboration as well to bring blockchain news and updates too in our blog. In a nut shell we have tried a lot of things in the past, mostly because we were not sure where we were headed.

The Name

So, me and my father had started HappyChases blogs to share our views, thoughts and learnings and we wanted a word Happy in any name that we might choose. Eventually I too wanted to be an entrepreneur, so wanted to bring those content that might help any entrepreneur. So the word HappyChases clicked to me and this name was finalized. With the tagline, "Chase it Happily".

Our Vision

To become a global media company, by creating and bringing digital contents related to entrepreneurship, innovations and management to the masses.

By digital content we mean blogs, magazine, podcasts, vodcasts and forum.


The blogs are free and open for everyone where we are trying to bring resources, articles, inside stories and not just that we are open for collaborations with anyone to make a better place, platform for entrepreneurs.

Also, in a few month a few sections of the blog will become premium as we too need money to pay to our authors, server charges etc. So a few sections such as premium blogs that will be available to premium users first and then later on to the free subscribers.

The blogs are already live, and if you are looking for the previous blogs, articles we will make it live soon. We are analyzing it again as per our vision and mission.

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ChalStartupKarteHain our magazine to help entrepreneurs, managers and innovators. As the name suggests it mainly focuses on entrepreneurship and startup on how to start a startup. And not only the story and motivational stuffs but the real ground life reality fo entrepreneurs, inside stories. Full with the resources and knowledge to grow your startup.

Launching soon in a few months. (We are open for the collaborations) subscribe to our blogs we will announce it with our blogs only.


The forum is live here. It is a not-for-profit forum for entrepreneurs, innovators and doers, anyone may use this forum and use it for getting answers to their queries, finding their teammates, getting updates on new opportunities, events etc. We are also introducing Campus Chapters for our forums so if you are a student, member of E-Cell of your college or simply want a forum for your college, let us know we will have a dedicated group for the same.

We have a dedicated Chapter/Group for NIT Raipur visit it here: Click Here

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs, innovators and educators by bringing every resources, knowledge in an online digital platform.


In short we are focused on creating and bringing the best contents in all our platforms. Stay tuned we have a few awesome things coming soon at HappyChases. We are also looking for a content developer (Content Research + Content Writing) let us know if you want to be a part of the team.